Our Team


Bart de Gols

Bart is a specialist dog trainer of international repute. With his progressive and Innovative Training techniques his dogs Toy and Junior have won several FCI Dog Obedience competitions in Belgium, Netherlands and Europe. He is a former world competitor. Bart holds a Ph.D in Animal Behavior. 

Born in Belgium, Bart spend his whole life living with German Shepherd’s. Bart has over 20 years of experience handling working dogs and has worked with hundreds of working Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs and Police K9s. 

Before Bart became a Professional Dog Trainer he was a member of the Navy’s Experimental Diving Unit. In his diving career he became the man he is today, passionate, innovative, fair and great to work with. 

His biggest accomplishment was finding the Coelacanth fish in a National Geographic Deep Dive Expedition in May 2004. After this success Bart decided because of health reason to end his diving career and start training dog’s professionally.


Scott Storek

Scott is an avid conservationists and sportsman with a great appreciation for working dog breeds. Now working with Dr. De Gols, Scott shows great promise as a talented young decoy/ handler and plans to compete with his Doberman Klaus in PSA. Scott is committed to working towards a higher standard of Canine health, awareness and education across the board. With over a decade of tactical training he plans on collaborating on and developing new techniques to take personal protection and tactical canines to an uncompromising new level.


Paige Whipp

Paige has over 16 years experience in the U.S. Army National Guard.  She has extensive experience in domestic operations; coordinating with FEMA and first responders for civil and disaster response.  Her combat experience includes an overseas deployment to Iraq as part of an executive personal protection detail.  

Paige has a background in military intelligence where she specializes in identifying critical threats and vulnerabilities, intelligence assessment, and risk mitigation.

She is excited to be a part of the T.C.S. team in developing  confident, resilient working dogs and tactical successful teams.


James Whipp

James Whipp is a former United States Marine Corps Infantryman and retired Army Military Intelligence Officer.  He has worked as a Security Contractor and Law Enforcement consultant.  His life-long passion for working dogs, military experience and his unconventional approach to problem solving make him a perfect fit for Tactical Canine Solutions

He is currently a US Army Civilian and the Assistant Training Director at T.C.S.


Charels Tate

Charles Tate has served in the United States Army for 23 years. During this time he has been stationed at numerous Army installations to include Korea and Alaska. His other overseas assignments include two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Throughout his career he has performed various missions and training events with military working dog teams. Safe and educational training for handlers, dogs and decoys are his top priorities.