When Seconds Count...who or what do you rely on?

For several decades protection dogs have been used by Law-Enforcement Agencies and Military Soldiers and Special Forces for combat and protection. In the last 10 years more and more high profile civilians, celebrities and executives have chosen to add a personal protection dog to their personal safety detail or Security System. Today more and more families are choosing to invest in a personal protection dog to protect their families and often most beloved assets, their children both home and away from home. 

What do you do to protect your most valuable assets? 

What do you do to protect your most valuable assets? 

Unfortunately the necessity of a having a personal protection dog increases every day. With a little research you will find that the FBI statistics show that over 2300 children are reported missing daily and in most cases are taken from the home or in the direct urban areas close to their home. Also every day more and more stranger assaults on woman are reported and criminal assaults are on the rise. 

Research, Police Evidence and Surveys with criminals in prison show that these assaults and crimes would not have taken place when a dog would have been present. Also research shows that a correctly trained Protection Dog is more effective and way more cost effective then a human body guard. Behaviors like aggressive barking and guarding on cue or command, Attacking and defending on cue or command are incredible self defensive skills. It is however sad that many unreliable trainers and breeder have given personal protection dogs a bad reputation. These very unethical people starting to push "Attack Dogs" on the market which have nothing to to with Personal Protection Dogs. 

A correctly trained protection dog is very confident, has a balanced mind, has a great temperament, is social and should be able to be managed by everyone in the family. 

The decision whether a Personal Protection Dog is right for your Family is not easy. The average Family in the United States has 4 to 5 members. Selecting the right dog is a serious endeavor in which you need a dog that suits your lifestyle . Every Family is different and every dog is different, it is very important to find the right match.

Tactical Canine Solutions can help you selecting the right dog for that will fit into you lifestyle and family. With our unique custom selection process every dog we place is hand picked and trained here at TCS. Our dogs will be a real asset to your family and you in both your personal as professional life. Protections Dogs are not only protectors but also companions and best friends. No other security system can do that. 

So When Seconds count...What security system do you rely on? Contact us for a free Consult!